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1Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney girl do you look most like?
2Yes/No SelectorWhich Lion King Character Are You?
3Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess are you?
4Yes/No SelectorWhich Classic Disney Movie Should You Watch?
5Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Movie Character are You?
6Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney couple are you and your crush/boyfriend??
7Yes/No SelectorWhich Phineas and Ferb Character are You?
8Yes/No SelectorThe Disney Character Selector
9Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney character of all time are you?
10Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Princess Are You?
11Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Character Are You
12Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney's Robin Hood Character are you?
13Yes/No SelectorDisney Babes Quiz
14Yes/No SelectorFinding Nemo Character Selector
15Yes/No SelectorDisney Villain Selector
16Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney slut (or frigid bitch) are you?
17Yes/No SelectorDisney Heroines Selector
18Yes/No SelectorWhich Peter Pan Character Are You?
19Yes/No SelectorWhat disney couple are you and your bf/gf?
20Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Hero are you?
21Yes/No SelectorWhich happy haunt are you?
22Yes/No SelectorLion King Generator
23Yes/No SelectorWhich Walt Disney World Face Character Are you?
24Yes/No SelectorWhich character from Mulan are you?
25Yes/No SelectorThe Emperor's New Groove Character Quiz!
26Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess Are You??
27Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Channel Girl Are You?
28Yes/No SelectorThe Lion King/Simba's Pride Personality Test
29Yes/No SelectorWhich Pepper Ann character are You?
30Yes/No SelectorSo Many Disney Couples... Which are you and your Partner?
31Yes/No SelectorWhich Phineas and Ferb Character Are You Most Like?
32Yes/No SelectorWhich Winnie The Pooh Character are you?
33Yes/No SelectorThe Walt Disney World/Disneyland Theme Park Selector
34Yes/No SelectorDisney's Beauty and the Beast Character Selector
35Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney couple are you and your bf?
36Yes/No SelectorDisney Animation Selector
37Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess are you?
38Yes/No SelectorWhich Shrek 2 Character are you?
39Yes/No SelectorDisney Princess Character Quiz
40Yes/No SelectorDisney's Aladdin quiz
41Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney hunni do you look like????
42Yes/No SelectorWhats Your Disney Personality? (villain, hero, princess, etc.)
43Yes/No Selectorwhich disney diva are you most like???
44Yes/No SelectorWhich Newsie Are You?
45Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Prince are you most compatable with?
46Yes/No SelectorDisney's The Lion King quiz
47Yes/No SelectorDisney's The Little Mermaid quiz
48Yes/No SelectorCartoon minxes
49Yes/No SelectorDisney princess Selector
50Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney sidekick are you?
51Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Villain Are You?
52Yes/No SelectorDisney's Beauty and the Beast quiz
53Yes/No SelectorWhat That's So Raven character are you
54Yes/No SelectorLion king personality quiz
55Yes/No SelectorWhat Toy Story, Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3 Character Are You?
56Yes/No SelectorDisney Character Quiz
57Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Character Are You Most Like.
58Yes/No SelectorDisney Area Parks
59Yes/No SelectorDisney's Sleeping Beauty quiz
60Yes/No SelectorDisney's Hercules quiz
61Yes/No SelectorWhich ''The Fox and the Hound'' character are you?
62Yes/No SelectorWhat Treasure Planet Character are you like?
63Yes/No SelectorWhich cars character are you?
64Yes/No SelectorDisney's Incredibles Selector
65Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess Are You?
66Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Song are you?
67Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Girl Are You?
68Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Dog are you?
69Yes/No SelectorThe Lion King Character Selector
70Yes/No SelectorThe Great Mouse Detective quiz
71Yes/No Selectorwhich gargoyle character are u?
72Yes/No SelectorWhich Hannah Montana Character Are You?
73Yes/No SelectorAnimology Quiz
74Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Heroine are YOU most Related To?
75Yes/No SelectorWhich Classic ''Fab-Five'' Disney Character are you?
77Yes/No Selectorwhat totally spies character are you
78Yes/No SelectorWhat Robin Hood character are you?
79Yes/No SelectorDuck Tales quiz
80Yes/No SelectorWhat Aladdin character are you?
81Yes/No SelectorWhich one of the Seven Dwarfs are you?
82Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney caracter are you most like?
83Yes/No SelectorWhich Mighty Ducks character are you?
84Yes/No SelectorWreck it Ralph Character Selector
85Yes/No SelectorWhich non-Disney animated heroine are you?
86Yes/No SelectorWhere in Walt Disney World should You Work?
87Yes/No SelectorWhich Bambi Character Are You?
88Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney character are you?
89Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Character Are You?
90Yes/No SelectorDisney Princess
91Yes/No SelectorWhat Kingdom Hearts Characterare you?
92Yes/No SelectorHigh School Musical
93Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Gal Are You?
94Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Hero Are You?
95Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Character Are You Like
96Yes/No SelectorThe Lion King - Character Personality Quiz
97Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Park Are You?
98Yes/No SelectorDisney Heroine Quiz
99Yes/No SelectorChip'n Dale Rescue Rangers Character Selector
100Yes/No SelectorWhich of the Disney Princesses are You?
101Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Hero Are You?
102Yes/No SelectorWhich Kick-Butt Animated Heroine are YOU??
103Yes/No SelectorAre you a Total Disney Freak?
104Yes/No Selectormary poppins song selector
105Yes/No SelectorWhich The Nightmare Before Christmas Song Are You?
106Yes/No SelectorWhich animated heroine are you?
107Yes/No SelectorLion King II selector
108Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Character are you???
109Yes/No SelectorWhich Lizzy McGuire character are you
110Yes/No Selectorwhat Disney character are you?
111Yes/No SelectorAtlantis: the lost empire selector
112Yes/No SelectorWhich D-Tent boy are you?
113Yes/No SelectorPeter Pan Character
114Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Princess are you?
115Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts
116Yes/No SelectorWhich Classic/Feminine Heroine are you??
117Yes/No SelectorCheetah Girls
118Yes/No SelectorWHICH PRINCESS?
119Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Heroine Are You?
120Yes/No SelectorLilo 'n' Stitch
121Yes/No SelectorWhich Suite Life Character are you?
122Yes/No SelectorThe Nalaholic Test
123Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Character are you?
124Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess HATES You?
125Yes/No SelectorWhat Newsie are you?
126Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Channel Dude Are You?
127Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Person Are You?
128Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess Are You?
129Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Feline Are You?
130Yes/No SelectorDisney hero dating game
131Yes/No SelectorWhich Juvenile Delinquet from Holes are you?
132Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Damsel so you LOOK the most like???
133Yes/No SelectorDave the Barbarian Personality Quiz
134Yes/No SelectorBambi Character!
135Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Girl are you
136Yes/No SelectorWho is your Disney Hero?
137Yes/No Selectorwha lizzie mcguire chracter are you???
138Yes/No SelectorLion King Love Compatibility Test (For ones who are attracted to males)
139Yes/No SelectorPeter Pan Characters
140Yes/No SelectorAladdin Selector
141Yes/No SelectorPeter Pan
142Yes/No SelectorWhat Once Upon A Time Character Are You?
143Yes/No SelectorWhich Female character from ''hercules:the TV series'' are you???
144Yes/No SelectorWhich Cartoon ''Robin Hood'' Character Are You?
145Yes/No SelectorGreat Mouse Detective Character Selector
146Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Princess should you date?
147Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney character are you?
148Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Girl Do You Look Like?
149Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts character r u?
150Yes/No SelectorWho do you love?
151Yes/No SelectorDisneyland Park Area Selector
152Yes/No Selectordisney movie selector
153Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Channel show do you belong in?
154Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney couple are you
155Yes/No Selectorwhat dbz person would you be
156Yes/No SelectorIchabod and Mr. Toad Character Selector
157Yes/No SelectorAn Awesome Disney Character Quiz
158Yes/No SelectorDisney Channel Personality Quiz
159Yes/No SelectorThe Great Mouse Detective Character Test
160Yes/No Selector*::NEW IMPROVED*:: Which Disney character are you?
161Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Movie Is Most lIke You??
162Yes/No Selectorhamtaro and bijou
163Yes/No SelectorDisney's Aladdin Character Selector
164Yes/No Selectorwhich character of findin nemo are you?
165Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Girl are you?
166Yes/No SelectorA Disney Princess
167Yes/No Selectorwhat homosexual do you most represent?
168Yes/No SelectorWhat's your favorite show on Disney Channel?
169Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Face character are you?
170Yes/No SelectorWhat character are you?
171Yes/No SelectorPrincess Selector Delux
172Yes/No SelectorWhich Kim Possible boy are you?
173Yes/No SelectorKimPossible Selector
174Yes/No SelectorWDW Attraction Selector
175Yes/No Selectordisney charcter selector
176Yes/No SelectorWho are YOU in the Haunted side of Disney?
177Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Princess Do You look Like?
178Yes/No SelectorLion King charicters: who are you?
179Yes/No SelectorWhat Proud are you alike?
180Yes/No SelectorDisney Gang Quiz
181Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney prince should you date?
182Yes/No SelectorLion King-How are you
183Yes/No SelectorAladdin Character Quiz
184Yes/No SelectorWhich Finding Nemo Character are You?
185Yes/No SelectorWHAT ARE YOU???
186Yes/No SelectorWhat Disney Heroine are you?
187Yes/No SelectorDisney Character Quiz
188Yes/No SelectorDisneys Hercules Tv Show Selector
189Yes/No SelectorWho Would Want To Date You Kim Possible❤️ Or Shego💚?
190Yes/No SelectorDisney Princess selector
191Yes/No SelectorNalaholic quiz
192Yes/No SelectorDeeder Selector
193Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Villain Is Giving Serious Thought... To Eating Your Wife / Hubby?
194Yes/No SelectorWhich Disney Prince Would Pull A Sword On You And Say, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
195Yes/No SelectorTop Pet Quiz
196Yes/No SelectorWhich Elsa Wants To Build A Snowman With You? ☃️