Disney Poll: which disney diva are you most like??? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Disney Poll: which disney diva are you most like??? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
DisneyDisney Poll: which disney diva are you most like???
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "which disney diva are you most like???" by xxgeorgiabellxx.

Choose from this list:

Ariel - you are beautiful, fun and adventurous. Any merman or human would jump (or swim) at the chance to be with you coz your so fun, flirty and feminine! You just have to learn to chose the right boy instead of jumping at the first boy that comes along, but hey they still love you!

Megara - you are feisty, sharp-mouthed and irresistable. You play it cool with those big hips of yours and the boys come fighting for you! But you are independant and it will take a special man to make you truly believe in love!

Pocahontas - you are a spiritual nature girl - in touch with mother earth. You are exoticly beautiful which leaves the white boys drooling over you. You also have a kind heart and put family high in regard. You're different, that's what makes you special!

Esmeralda -You are street wise and tough but beneath that attitude is a heart of gold. You look beneath the skin to see inner beauty which is what attracts people to you!

Alice -You are a looser and complete snob. Get your head out your ass girl and realise no one likes a stuck up bitch!

Belle- You are sweet and smart, the girl next door. You could flatter yourself into any boys heart and dont go after a boy for his good looks!Good on ya gal, just coz hes good looking doesn't mean he's a good person!

Jasmine -You're sassy and royal, and every guy wants your hand in marriage, but coz he's rich it doesn't mean he's right for you! You need someone who will bring you into reality and show you the world!

Snow White -Whats wrong with you girl! Letting little short asses boss you around. You need to act your age deary acting the way you do is like a granny darling! It stopping you getting any dates!

Cinderella -Your sweet and sickle, but just coz he chose you don't let it go to your head coz so far you've been too modest, don't turn into a power hungry gold digger!

Aurora -Your beautiful and you bring happiness, you need to have more confidence coz a pretty girl like you shouldn't be so shy and boring!

Jane -Your very niave but talented. You have weird taste in men but dont let that stop you following your heart. You are also very artistic!

Jessie -Your a loud mouthed tom-boy with a sense for adventure, but you sometimes feel too frustrated and take it out on others, tone it down a bit girl!

Mulan - You try to do things to please and protect the ones you love. They sometimes go wrong, you just have to face the facts, somethings cant be done!

Princess Atta -Your generally a good person but are ashamed of yourself. You need to have more faith in people and don't assume your going to be let down!

Lady -You're adorable and upper class, a real sassy chick, but don't get too agressive it ruins your style, but at least you give lower class men a chance!

Nala -You're quiet and attractive, you think before you speak and take other people into consideration!

Kiara -You live life to the fullest, seeking adventure and love, you do it all with a fiesty attitude!

Wendy -Your wet and weedy and act like a baby just grow girl and get a life you looser!

Anastasia - You are determined and seeking for something you have lost, you don't give up easily and give people second chances!

Jessica Rabbit -Your sexy and seductive, there is no man out there that wouldn't want to be with you. From your curvacious figure, to husky voice your a sex kitten! or sex rabbit!

Tinkerbell -1 word BITCH! Your stubborn and selfish but people still love you! Despite the fact your a green eyed monster with envy!

Ariel's Sister's -Your an average girl, there's nothing wrong with you, it's just you dont stand out from the crowd like some people you know!

3 Fairies(sleeping beauty)Flora, Forna and Merryweather- You are always there to lend a hand and pick up the pieces, you're so selfless that you can only use your charms for good!

Muses - Your fast and energetic and sure know how to keep a rythm. You rock sista!

Mrs Potts - You have a kind heart but your too motherly, you have to step back and let people make their own mistakes and fight their own battles!


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