Disney Poll: What Disney character of all time are you? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Disney Poll: What Disney character of all time are you? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
DisneyDisney Poll: What Disney character of all time are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Disney character of all time are you?" by Bethy plops.

Choose from this list:

Scar - You're jealous and evil - and a Lion. At least you get to the top, even if it is only for a limited time. Don't get too carried away with your ambitions or they'll only come back to haunt you.

Belle - You're down to earth and clever and beautiful. You may have bad taste in men, but at least you go for personality over looks which is admirable.

Simba - Another lion king character. Remember don't get rid of your beginnings. YOu're a bit gullible but hey you're the King! You're also brave and loyal like a good pet dog.

Aladdin - Funny and nice you dream of better things. Don't get too carried away with your dreams and MAKE THEM COME INTO ACTION DAG NAB IT!!!

Piglet - ok so you're more cowardly than custard itself, but you're also very sweet and good natured.

Winnie the pooh - You lurve your food and may be a bit lazy. Somehow everyone likes you, even though you're denser than a brick wall.

Meg - You're feisty and hard-hitting with some serious girl power like this Hercules heroine. You may be a bit too sarcastic for some people, but hey that's their problem.

Hercules - the big man himself. You're extremely butch and a bit sensitive. You like to save the world but remember muscles aren't everything, why don't you invest in some cookery classes like TENG's Kronk.

Kronk - squeak squeakn squeak squeaker - you are THE best!! You may be a bit stupid but you're sweet as candy and can speak squirrel and cook some great spinach puffs. Hey do I smell burning?...

Yzma - You're an ugly old diva who's scary beyong all reason. Learn from TENG that you should always pull the right lever and keep a knife up your leg

Emperor Kuzco - You're spoilt and sarcastic - great! Remember that not everyone will ever undertand you and you can be mean but hey, you can groooove.

Tarzan - You're muscly and have a huge chin and were brought up by gorrillas. Quit swinging on ropes and invest in a frickin monorail.

Peter Pan - You lurve to fly dahling and your mischevious charms make you a hero to be reckoned with. We'll even allow you for the green tights as you have all the cheek needed for a great childhood crush (yes I'm talking about Hannah Barnett and Anna O'connell)

Wendy - You're a bit of a retard when it comes to rescuing people, but you're nice and can mother practically anyone. YOu are also brave, even if you can't fly for shit.

Cinderella - you're the classic princess, and not spoilt. Your the typical perfect in every way girl - and I'm jealous.

Aurora - Like in Sleeping Beauty all you really do is fall in love and fall asleep. C'mon girl if you wanna save the world get off your arse and do something. But then you are totally beautiful

Mowgli - you want to live in the jungle and you want to be an animal. Don't we all? Anyway just look for the bear neccesseties (or the air neccessities lol) and you'll be Ok

Captain Hook - You're a bit of a bastard and are prone to not letting feuds stop. If someone pisses you off stop getting annoyed and LET IT GO!!!

Ariel - You're a bit innocent but like to explore new areas. You're a romantic at heart but don't get too carried away with your dreams.

Stitch - You love to cause michief and destruction but no one's imune to your cuties charms. People should be angry at you for ruining their plans and stuff but just a look with those puppy-dog eyes and they're trapped.

Sully - You're big cuddly and sensible, and can be scary when you want to be. You're down to earth and genuinely a nice guy/gal

Nemo - You're small and fishy and like to explore. You strive to be independant but are not there yet. Good luck to ya.

Pinochio - You're a liar and, lets face it, a bit of a wuss. You're main dream may be to be a real boy but to do this test you must be real bored instead.

Tigger - You're funny and hyper active, and practically everyone's favourite character on winnie the pooh. Perhaps you should calm down before someone get's seriously annoyed.

Jasmine - You're one of the worlds favorite princesses being sassy independant and sarcastic. You've got just the right mix between falling in love and not trusting people straight away, and you're fairly down to earth. Well done, I suppose, and this nice statement is nothing to do with the reason that I am a Jasmine


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