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Jonathan Turley on, "extremely disturbing conduct"

By HatetheSwamp
July 16, 2022 4:01 am
Category: Crime

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Knowing that I follow Turley, tried, the other day, to argue that Trump is in trouble because, even pb's Jonathan Turley, said that the latest hearing revealed Trump to be guilty of "extremely disturbing conduct."

Uh uh.

Here's Turley's latest:

The testimony has detailed extremely disturbing conduct and chilling proposals, but it has not established a clear criminal conspiracy. If the committee is serious about a referral to the Justice Department, it will have to make a quantum leap in evidence.

And, that's this Show Trial Committee. Imagine this farcical testimony being cross-examined. Baha.


All the Committee has come up with is rumor and gossip. As much as people with TDS love this, it hasn't laid a glove on Trump himself.

pb'll repeat it, again: The Committee seems only to be interested in proving that Trump's an SOB. But, we already knew that.

My guess is that Lizzy is happy to fall on her sword making it impossible for OrangeMan to be the GOP nominee in 024. To that, pb says, "Hear, hear!"

But, pb's been watching those Trump rallies. OrangeMan is perfectly positioned to win most of the early GOP primaries and caucuses.

So? Big waste of time.

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