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Rudy Giuliani Says ‘Genius’ Trump Threatened To Blow Up Putin’s ‘Gold Bubbles’

By Curt_Anderson
March 23, 2022 8:57 pm
Category: Politics

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Aren't you glad that Trump isn't president?

Rudy Giuliani said former President Donald Trump made an unusual threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin while he was in office.

Giuliani told Newsmax over the weekend that Trump had authorized him to share the details of a meeting with Putin where Ukraine came up in the conversation.

Trump “says, ‘Vladimir, you shouldn’t, like, attack Ukraine. I never liked those big, what are those things you got in Moscow, those big bubbles? Those big gold bubbles, I never liked those things, so I’m gonna have to blow them up,’” Giuliani said.

He was presumably referring to the Cathedral of the Annunciation, which is in the Kremlin and has gold onion domes.

“So Putin says, ‘They’re churches,’” Giuliani recounted. Trump said, “Oh, Vladimir, don’t tell me that about churches, c’mon. Churches? You can fool Bush, you can’t fool me. You care about churches?”

Giuliani also defended Trump’s praise of Putin as “smart.”

“That’s why he’s a genius,” Giuliani said. “Of course he says he’s smart: ‘Hey Vladimir, you’re really, really smart.’”

What's with the people in the restaurant with Rudy? They look the cast and extras from "The Sopranos".

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Comments on "Rudy Giuliani Says ‘Genius’ Trump Threatened To Blow Up Putin’s ‘Gold Bubbles’":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on March 23, 2022 10:08 pm
    Trump: I would threaten Russia with nuclear submarines if still president

    If Donald Trump were still president, he told Fox Business on Monday, he would threaten Russia with nuclear submarines.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on March 24, 2022 4:42 am

    It's not much of a choice but, c'mon man, gimme a break!

    You'd prefer the Flatulent Former 18 Wheeler Driver who imposed sanctions admitting, "'no-one expected'" sanctions imposed on Russia in response to its incursions into Ukraine to "prevent anything from happening."

    Now, "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap" is in Brussels attending an "EMERGENCY NATO meeting" one whole month after Russian troops entered Ukraine.

    Here's the fact of history. Trump didn't touch one Gold Bubble because he didn't have to.

    The Roaring Bear from Delaware has talked himself hoarse telling Putin all the things the US won't do and Putin is bombing Ukraine to bits, killing thousands of civilians, forcing, literally, millions to become refugees. Trump gave Putin outrageous warnings and Vlad wouldn't pull the trigger.

    Not one Ukrainian was bombed to death, none were forced to flee when Putin was worried about his gold bubbles.

    Oy vey, Curt. How serious is your TDS? Your subjectivity is a dangerous truth.

  3. by islander on March 24, 2022 5:48 am

    ”Aren't you glad that Trump isn't president?”

    Each and every day !!!

    I honestly don’t even like to try to imagine in my mind what it wold be like to still have Trump in office especially in light of what is taking place in the world today. Even those ardent Trump supporters that I know personally don’t want to talk about him. They know what a horrible mistake they made even if they can’t bring themselves to admit it outright.

    I think the best thing we can do right now is to continue to present them with the facts and do our best to try and give them a way to save face. We can’t ever let what happened during Trump’s tenure just quietly fade from our nation’s memory. 

    Even on FB, in my neck of the woods the Trump supporters have been very, very, quiet, except for the small handful who have finally been reduced to posting nothing but vulgar memes and an occasional hate filled nonsense post. But here will always be some like that...and you can tell they make the former Trump supporters feel even more ashamed of themselves for having voted for Trump in the first place.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on March 24, 2022 6:23 am

    They know what a horrible mistake they made even if they can’t bring themselves to admit it outright.

    I just love it when you Blue MAGAs presume, with so much certainty, that you can read other people's minds. You are not Mr Spock, isle, as much as you hope to be.

    I wouldn't presume to be able to read the minds of the Trump supporters you know. I'll leave that derangement to you.

    However, here's what I've observed from the real world:

    1. Those Trump rallies still draw huuuuuuuuuge, enthusiastic crowds. That's real world. I don't have to imagine that I can mind meld with anyone to, actually, know that.
    2. My guess is that many GOPs who would vote for OrangeMan in November 024 are like me. Many of us will vote against him in our Primary. I'd even agree that your suggestion that we think of voting for OrangeMan as a "mistake." (I'll leave it to you to speak for others.) But, I'd vote for OrangeMan again over Hillary and I'm convinced that not voting for the doddering old fool is the most wise electoral decision I have ever made in my whole long life. But, I hope against hope that anyone but Trump wins the GOP nomination.

  5. by islander on March 24, 2022 7:36 am

    One of the other things I think we’ve all noticed lately is how few Trump supporters and enablers are resorting to MAGA’s nasty ploy of trying to present the President as suffering from dementia. Kinda hard to do when are witnessing first hand the brilliant job he is doing handling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    What would Trump have done if he were President?...In his own words:

    “Well what I would do, is I would, we would, we have tremendous military capability and what we can do without planes, to be honest with you, without 44-year-old jets, and we should be doing it and we should be helping them to survive and they’re doing an amazing job.”

    “Aren’t you glad Trump isn’t President” !!!

  6. by HatetheSwamp on March 24, 2022 8:04 am

    Kinda hard to do when are witnessing first hand the brilliant job he is doing handling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Ah, absurd humor. As Mork from Ork would say, "AR, ar!"

    You're a fool. Have you seen the polls!!!!!?

  7. by Curt_Anderson on March 24, 2022 12:12 pm
    As I said in other thread, the War in Ukraine is not going well for Russia. See link.

    If that poll had asked "Is it worth risking a global nuclear war to protect Ukraine?" it would have had a different response. I am among the many who are glad Trump isn't around to launch us into a nuclear war.

  8. by HatetheSwamp on March 25, 2022 3:34 am

    Amazing, ain't!!!!!!?

    Vladimir Putin has violated the sovereignty of Ukraine. He's attacking civilians. Killing civilians by the the thousands. Bombing hospitals. Forcing literally millions to flee their homes.

    And, the Roaring Bear from Delaware waited until Russia was in Ukraine to impose sanctions that he announced wouldn't prevent anything, was forced by Congress to end the purchase of Russian oil, only attended an "emergency" NATO meeting on Ukraine on the one month anniversary of the Russian attack and to offer to receive Ukrainian refugees...

    ...and, all you can think about is Trump. C'mon man, gimme a break.

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