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19Yes/No SelectorStarcraft:Which race are you?????
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29Yes/No SelectorWho is your Trek lover?
30Yes/No SelectorFirefly Crew Member Selector
31Yes/No SelectorStarGate: SG-1 Team Member
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40Yes/No SelectorThe Lone Swordsman character selector
41Yes/No SelectorHitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy test
42Yes/No SelectorDark Lords of the Sith
43Yes/No SelectorWhat's your Elemental Group?
44Yes/No SelectorWhat Asgard Characterer You?
45Yes/No SelectorWich Element SHould You Start Of With?
46Yes/No SelectorDo you Know were your towel is?
47Yes/No SelectorX-Men Movies
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63Yes/No SelectorThe Lone Swordsman 2: The Seeds of Time
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67Yes/No SelectorLexx