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graphScience FictionScience Fiction Poll: Do you Know were your towel is?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Do you Know were your towel is?" by kat Prefect.

Choose from this list:

Wow, you hoopy frood, you really know were your towel is, Ford and Rooster would be proud!
You know were you towel is dude alough you have much more to learn....
Aww you soo cute, just discovering the wonders of the towel...I remember those days! The best is yet to come...
Dude you ought to get out more, there is a whole Galexy out there just waiting for a dude and their towel, you have really let me down!
Do you even know what a towel is? Urk! People like you disgust me..... go and get a towel for Zarks sake!


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