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graphScience FictionScience Fiction Poll: Time Enough For Love Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Time Enough For Love Selector" by dayblindstar.

Choose from this list:

Lazarus Long himself, aka Woodrow Wilson Smith, Captain Aaron Sheffield, Coporal Ted Bronson, ...
Mama Maureen, the woman who started it all
Mama Ishtar
Mama Hamadryad
Minerva (who used to be a sentient computer)
Ira Johnson (Lazarus' grandfather)
Ira Weatherall, Chairman Pro Tem of the Howard Families
Andy Libby
Mama Tamara
Pixel (yes, you're a cat)
Lapis Lazuli Long (Laz) / Lorelei Lee Long (Lor) - who can really tell them apart?


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