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1Yes/No SelectorWhich Sorority Would You Be In?
2Yes/No SelectorFind a new hobby!
3Yes/No SelectorAirsoft Selector
4Yes/No SelectorWhat legendary creature are you?
5Yes/No SelectorRPG Character Selector
6Yes/No SelectorThe Phantom of the Opera Character Selector
7Yes/No SelectorIf you were a girl, what sorority would YOU be in?
8Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of the Harem Are You?
9Yes/No SelectorPessimistic Anime's Oh My Goddess Personality Quiz
10Yes/No SelectorWhat Should You Smoke Your Weed Out of Today????
11Yes/No SelectorWhat should you do in your free time?
12Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy Summon are you?
13Yes/No SelectorAre you comptable enough?
14Yes/No SelectorPsychedelic drug of choice
15Yes/No SelectorCommon Sense Quiz
16Yes/No SelectorWhich Werewolf the Apocalpyse Clan do you belong to?
17Yes/No SelectorYour Drug of Choice
18Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind of Animal Are You??
19Yes/No SelectorThe New Faceless Compatibility Test!
20Yes/No SelectorWhich Ninja(samurai) Weapon are you most like
21Yes/No SelectorWhat Halloween Costume are you?
22Yes/No SelectorAm I Goth or Not?
23Yes/No SelectorWhich Cameron Diaz are you??
24Yes/No SelectorWhich type of terrorist are you?
25Yes/No SelectorIf I were a Pokémon, I would be...
26Yes/No SelectorWhich RPGClassics staffer are you?
27Yes/No SelectorHow gorgeous are you?
28Yes/No SelectorWhich Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
29Yes/No SelectorWhat Pot Smoking Apparatus Are YOU?!?
31Yes/No SelectorAre you Playboy material?
32Yes/No SelectorClaw's Test
33Yes/No SelectorHow Nerdy Are You????
34Yes/No SelectorAre You a Phantom Phan?
35Yes/No SelectorKinky Kitty's Love Life Quiz
36Yes/No SelectorWhich DOA girl are you?
37Yes/No SelectorWhat type of anime Watcher are you
38Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of fish are you?
39Yes/No SelectorIf you were famous you would be...
40Yes/No SelectorWhat's your true identity: rock, paper, or scissors?
41Yes/No SelectorBLTC Character Selector
42Yes/No SelectorDo you like to be the center of attention?
43Yes/No SelectorPast Life? What Were You?
44Yes/No Selectorwhat musical instrument are you?
45Yes/No SelectorAre you a reject?
46Yes/No SelectorEarth Eternal Personality
47Yes/No SelectorWhich time wasting link sharing weblog site are you?
48Yes/No SelectorIC Ability selector
49Yes/No SelectorSonic Character Test
50Yes/No SelectorBoy Meets World Character Test
51Yes/No SelectorThe Digimon Personality Quiz
52Yes/No SelectorWhich Social Clique are you?
53Yes/No Selectorwhats your hobbie?
54Yes/No SelectorWhich Smallville Character are you?
55Yes/No SelectorThe Bloom County Personality Quiz
56Yes/No Selectorwhat kind of dog are you
57Yes/No SelectorWhat Dragon Dice Race are you most similar to?
58Yes/No Selectorfunnyfarm
59Yes/No SelectorHow Big Of A loser are you
60Yes/No SelectorWhat CDI character are you?
61Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of fisherman are you
62Yes/No SelectorThe IQ Selector
63Yes/No SelectorWhat Garth Nix Character Are You?
64Yes/No SelectorWhich of Elly's friends are you?
65Yes/No SelectorSuicidal Pilot or Genki Shinigami?
66Yes/No SelectorThe Kevin Test
67Yes/No SelectorAre you a psycho?
68Yes/No SelectorThe Rollercoaster Selector
69Yes/No SelectorHow annoying do people find you?
70Yes/No SelectorUltimate Villain
71Yes/No SelectorThe Nasty Test
72Yes/No SelectorFuture Lifestyle
73Yes/No SelectorWhich Amber Character Are You?
74Yes/No SelectorWhat type of combat are you best at?
75Yes/No SelectorWhat color M&M are you?
76Yes/No SelectorWhich of Lilu's bishen are you?
77Yes/No SelectorThe Man Chooser
78Yes/No SelectorUltimate Hero
79Yes/No SelectorHP Date Selector (girls only!)
80Yes/No Selectorchoosing the right camera
81Yes/No SelectorWhat Shane West character are you?
82Yes/No SelectorWhich Daughter of the Goddess Convent RPG student are you?
83Yes/No SelectorWhich one of THESE friends are you?
84Yes/No SelectorWhich sex symbol are you?
85Yes/No SelectorDrug Type Selector
86Yes/No SelectorTake a quiz on how much about me you know
87Yes/No SelectorMy pool don't cost a thing
88Yes/No SelectorI-R-D-S 2000 Improved Recreational Drug Selector ;-)
89Yes/No SelectorWhat golf club you like/are most like
90Yes/No SelectorPandora's Box Selector
91Yes/No SelectorWhat 'Friend Are You?
92Yes/No SelectorWhat Role Would YOU Play?
93Yes/No SelectorWhich one of my friends are you?
94Yes/No Selectormortal kombat chracters
95Yes/No SelectorWhat Video Game Character Are You Most Like?
96Yes/No SelectorAxis and Allies game selector
97Yes/No SelectorWhich of my male RP characters are you?
98Yes/No SelectorFurry select
99Yes/No SelectorChaos Powers
100Yes/No SelectorLight vs. Dark vs. Evil
101Yes/No SelectorAre You My Idol?
102Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantatsy IX Eidolon
103Yes/No SelectorGundam Wing Personality Quiz
104Yes/No SelectorElement Selector
105Yes/No SelectorOD Forumers Selector
106Yes/No SelectorWhich Broadmeadows Horse are you?
107Yes/No SelectorWhich member of 180 are you?
108Yes/No SelectorUltimate Villains
109Yes/No SelectorWhat ZDH charector are you?
110Yes/No SelectorGood Mate, Bad mate?
111Yes/No SelectorWhich Swear Word Are You?
112Yes/No Selectordrug selector
113Yes/No SelectorLovers or Just Friends?
114Yes/No SelectorPopular Freshwater Fishing Fish
115Yes/No SelectorGuardian Arch Angels
116Yes/No SelectorThe SoJ2 Personality Test
117Yes/No SelectorWho you are from the elvish heart??
118Yes/No SelectorThe greatest SSBM selector ever
119Yes/No SelectorDay of Defeat Weapons Selector
120Yes/No SelectorThe Ultimate HM RPG Selector
121Yes/No SelectorWhich Dragon Are You?
122Yes/No SelectorWhat sailor scout are you most like?
123Yes/No SelectorBurn Up Excess Character-Like Test
124Yes/No SelectorLifeStyle Chooser
125Yes/No Selector¿A qué estúpido te pareces?
126Yes/No SelectorAre you likely to die soon?
127Yes/No SelectorRandom Protagonists
128Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of the Phantom's Crew are you most Like?
129Yes/No SelectorBarrel Racing
130Yes/No SelectorMicronations Selector
131Yes/No SelectorARE YOU MY SOULMATE???