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graphRecreationRecreation Poll: Am I Goth or Not?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Am I Goth or Not?" by Willow Rose.

Choose from this list:

Baby-Bat: Most goths look at you and either sneer or smile indulgently. You're not a goth yet, and there's the chance that you're just trying to rebel against your parents. You'll either "grow out of it" or go on to become a full fledged goth. You may also fall into the definition of "Spooky Kid." If so, you have recieved the kiss of death. No selfrespecting goth will be seen speaking to you or even acknowleding your existence, for Spooky Kids have given us all a bad name. To change your Spooky Kid ways, realize that Marilyn Manson is NOT goth, just shock rock, and that blowing up schools or other government building is not the way to combat small mindedness or ignorance. Also, work on your makeup. It shouldn't stop at your chin and designs drawn halfway to your mouth is only cute if you're fifteen.
Almost Goth- You're on your way to being a true goth. Your makeup skills are improving considerably. You may still buy the occasional article of clothing at Hot Topic but all in all, you're shaping up to be a creature that goths and even some ubergoths enjoy being around. Don't give up yet, you're almost there.
Goth: You've been in the scene long enough to know damn near everything about it. Your makeup skills have elevated to professional status. You've been there and done that, and probably have the Nick Cave t-shirt as proof. Baby-Bats look up to you and ubergoths have a margin of respect for you. Welcome to goth-dom, enjoy your stay.
Ubergoth: You've been in your local scene longer than it's actually existed. The baby-bats are terrified of you, and the Goths think you're either incredibly experienced and well-versed, or they think that you're old, dried up, and quite sad.


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