Multiple Choice Selectors
1Multi-Choice SelectorAre You A Democrat Or A Republican?
2Multi-Choice SelectorPresidential Candidate Selector -- 2008 Front Runners
3Multi-Choice Selector2006 Political Ideology Selector
4Multi-Choice SelectorAre you Left Wing or Right Wing
5Multi-Choice SelectorVosem Chart Locator (United States version)
6Multi-Choice SelectorAre you Machiavellian?
7Multi-Choice SelectorWhat ideology do you agree with the most?
8Multi-Choice SelectorWhat school of anarchist thought do you most align with?
9Multi-Choice SelectorAmerica (The Book): What type of government best suits you?
10Multi-Choice SelectorWhich 2004 Presidential Candidate Could You Befriend?
11Multi-Choice SelectorPolskie Partie Polityczne
12Multi-Choice SelectorWybory 2007 - test (in Polish)
13Multi-Choice SelectorPolitical Faction Quiz
14Multi-Choice SelectorPolitical Party Selector - Sweden
15Multi-Choice SelectorWhat type of leftist are you?
16Multi-Choice SelectorDemocratic Senator Selector 2004
17Multi-Choice SelectorWhig or Tory?
18Multi-Choice Selectorvic 2 test--domestic & foreign policy choices
19Multi-Choice SelectorPresidential Election 2008
20Multi-Choice SelectorConservative Ideology Selector (American Politics)
21Multi-Choice SelectorUS Senator From Ohio Candidate Election -- 2006
22Multi-Choice Selector2010 Midterm Elections Party Selector
23Multi-Choice SelectorMatch with a political party...or are you an independent?
24Multi-Choice SelectorInglehart Political ideology selector
25Multi-Choice SelectorUS Senator From Pennsylvania Candidate Selector -- 2006
26Multi-Choice SelectorOregon Governor Candidate Election-- 2006
27Multi-Choice SelectorPolitical Leanings
28Multi-Choice SelectorUS Senator From Florida Candidate Election -- 2006
29Multi-Choice SelectorUS Senator From Missouri Candidate Election-- 2006
30Multi-Choice SelectorAre You a Donkey or an Elephant?
31Multi-Choice SelectorUS Senator From Maryland Candidate Election-- 2006
32Multi-Choice SelectorCore Beliefs
33Multi-Choice SelectorChoose Your Candidate 2016
34Multi-Choice SelectorJakim typem wroga ludu jestes
35Multi-Choice SelectorDoes Discrimination Affect Your Vote?
36Multi-Choice SelectorCanadian Political Party / Leader Selector 2008
37Multi-Choice SelectorAspects Of Presidential Candidate Of 2008 Election
38Multi-Choice SelectorPartitest 2006
39Multi-Choice SelectorWhat party do you fit in?
40Multi-Choice Selector3 sided political personality test.
41Multi-Choice SelectorPoll of the President
42Multi-Choice Selector2020 American Ideology Assessment
43Multi-Choice SelectorInternational Relations Philosophy
44Multi-Choice SelectorQuebec Political Party Selector
45Multi-Choice SelectorThe Four Dimensional Political Quiz
46Multi-Choice SelectorPublic Opinion Polls Assignment
47Multi-Choice SelectorMichigan State Representative, District 98 -- 2006
48Multi-Choice SelectorBritish Political Beliefs
49Multi-Choice SelectorPennsylvania Senate Election Selector
50Multi-Choice Selector2008 Presidential Candidates
51Multi-Choice Selector2008 Presidential Candidates
52Multi-Choice SelectorThe Black or White Political Test
53Multi-Choice SelectorAnother Presidential Candidate Selector
54Multi-Choice SelectorClassic Washington State Politician Elecion
55Multi-Choice SelectorParty Selector
56Multi-Choice SelectorWhat kind of American are you?
57Multi-Choice Selectorpolitical ideology
58Multi-Choice SelectorIdeology Selector
59Multi-Choice SelectorPrez Picker 2008
60Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Reigion Of The UK Best Represents Your Political Opions
61Multi-Choice SelectorPolitical Notio Ideology Selector
62Multi-Choice Selector2006 Mexican President Election
63Multi-Choice SelectorPolitical Ideology Test
64Multi-Choice SelectorSwedishPartySelector
65Multi-Choice SelectorA Political Ideology Quiz
66Multi-Choice SelectorWhat presidential candidate suites you
67Multi-Choice SelectorLatarnik Wyborczy - Symulacja Polityczna 2015
68Multi-Choice SelectorWhat us President are you most like (1-22)
69Multi-Choice SelectorChildren’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Poll
70Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Political Issue Is Most Important To You?