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  1. Do You Have A Mental Illness?
  2. What will the religion of your future husband/wife be?
  3. What Kind of Name Should You Have?
  4. What character is the most like you?
  5. What inanimate object are you most like?
  6. How much do you know of google easter eggs?
  7. Alphabet Personality Test
  8. Which Inanimate Object Are You?
  9. Which Troubled Teen Are You?
  10. Que personaje eres de Los padrinos magicos (spanish)
  11. What character are you from Chronicles of Dendrinla and SanctusClarusMagice Realm
  12. How psychotic are you?
  13. Which South Park character are you?
  14. What high school clique would you fit in?
  15. Wonky Squidness Selector
  16. How fat are you?
  17. What would your life be rated?
  18. The Bitch-o-matic
  19. Do I Hate You?
  20. Stupid questions for Stupid People!

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