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  1. How Creepy Are You?
  2. What will the religion of your future husband/wife be?
  3. How Hairy are you?
  4. Qué insulto eres?
  5. Which Troubled Teen Are You?
  6. Que personaje eres de Los padrinos magicos (spanish)
  7. Which Sexual Fantasy are YOU?
  8. Which Inanimate Object Are You?
  9. What high school clique would you fit in?
  10. Which Beavis and Butthead Character are you most like?
  11. Are you a monster in bed? (This one is for guys)
  12. Do You Have A Mental Illness?
  13. Alphabet Personality Test
  14. Which Jane Doe Hates You?
  15. Find your true Spirit name
  16. What is your hidden Mutant Power?
  17. What kind of bitch are you?
  18. Which South Park character are you?
  19. Which Weirdo are You?
  20. Which Homestar Runner character are you?

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