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  1. The Love Of My Life!!!!

  2. I Want Your Children

  3. Great Romance For Me (to remember all

  4. Short But Passionate Romance

  5. One Evening Together

  6. Oh...Only If I'm Drunk

  7. No Way!!!!

  8. Marry Me...NOW!!!

  9. Long And Peaceful Love

  10. Long And Boring Marriage

  11. I'd Probably Kill You

  12. Summer Romance

  13. Sex In The Forest...a few times

  14. Ideal Boyfriend For My Best Friend

  15. I'd Fall In Love With You...I Gess

  16. I'd Love You, But You Wouldn't Love Me

  17. You'd Love Me, But I Wouldn't Love You

  18. You're Such A Bore

  19. 2 Months Relationship

  20. Perfect Oline Romance

  21. I Guess I Like You ...Somewhat

  22. Go And Drink Some Tea, Pal

  23. Too Similar To My Ex

  24. You're Just A Good Friend

  25. Worst Enemy!

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