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graphLoveLove Poll: Are you the love of my life?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Are you the love of my life?" by Skade.

Choose from this list:

The Love Of My Life!!!!
I Want Your Children
Great Romance For Me (to remember all my life)
Short But Passionate Romance
One Evening Together
Oh...Only If I'm Drunk
No Way!!!!
Marry Me...NOW!!!
Long And Peaceful Love
Long And Boring Marriage
I'd Probably Kill You
Summer Romance
Sex In The Forest...a few times
Ideal Boyfriend For My Best Friend
I'd Fall In Love With You...I Gess
I'd Love You, But You Wouldn't Love Me
You'd Love Me, But I Wouldn't Love You
You're Such A Bore
2 Months Relationship
Perfect Oline Romance
I Guess I Like You ...Somewhat
Go And Drink Some Tea, Pal
Too Similar To My Ex
You're Just A Good Friend
Worst Enemy!


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