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  1. Aragorn- You like 'em tall, dark, and

  2. Legolas- You like 'em blond and gorgeo

  3. Glorfindel- The hottie blond Elf lord

  4. Celeborn- You like 'em high and mighty

  5. Haldir- You like 'em arrogant and sexy

  6. Faramir- You like 'em cute and smart.

  7. Boromir- You like 'em dead. Hey, he

  8. Gimli- You like 'em short and ornery.

  9. Gandalf- You like 'em old and wrinkly.

  10. Frodo- You like those big blue eyes.

  11. Merry- You like 'em mischievous and p

  12. Pippin- You like 'em dumb and troubles

  13. Sam- You like 'em sweet and loyal. I

  14. Elrond- You like 'em dignified and st...

  15. Elladan and Elrohir- Elrond's twin hot

  16. King Thranduil- He's Legolas' dad. H

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