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  1. Gundam Wing DVD/Video

  2. Gundam Wing Manga

  3. Sailor Moon DVD/Videos

  4. Sailor Moon Manga

  5. Sailor Moon Dolls

  6. Pokemon games

  7. Pokemon DVD/Movies

  8. Pokemon Cards

  9. Digimon DVD/Video

  10. Digimon cards

  11. Digivice(from Digimon)

  12. Pokemon Stuffed animal

  13. Yugi-oh cards/video games

  14. Gundam Wing model kits

  15. Ah! My Goddess DVD/Video

  16. Ah! My Goddess Manga

  17. Cowboy Bebop DVD/Video

  18. Cowboy Bebop manga

  19. Inu-Yasha DVD/Video

  20. Inu-Yasha Manga

  21. Akira DVD/Video

  22. Outlaw Star DVD/Video

  23. Vampire Hunter D DVD/Movie

  24. Princess Mononoke DVD/Video

  25. Tenshi Muyo DVD/Video

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