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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Whats the perfect anime gift for you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Whats the perfect anime gift for you?" by Ryuujino Kou.

Choose from this list:

Gundam Wing DVD/Video

Gundam Wing Manga

Sailor Moon DVD/Videos

Sailor Moon Manga

Sailor Moon Dolls

Pokemon games

Pokemon DVD/Movies

Pokemon Cards

Digimon DVD/Video

Digimon cards

Digivice(from Digimon)

Pokemon Stuffed animal

Yugi-oh cards/video games

Gundam Wing model kits

Ah! My Goddess DVD/Video

Ah! My Goddess Manga

Cowboy Bebop DVD/Video

Cowboy Bebop manga

Inu-Yasha DVD/Video

Inu-Yasha Manga

Akira DVD/Video

Outlaw Star DVD/Video

Vampire Hunter D DVD/Movie

Princess Mononoke DVD/Video

Tenshi Muyo DVD/Video


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