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Are Republicans facing a mass extinction?

By Curt Anderson
April 14, 2020 12:18 pm
Category: Politics

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One of our esteemed friends on frequently predicts that the Democratic Party will soon go the way of the dinosaurs. I disagree with him.

My pick for the political party that will soon become endangered, if not extinct, is the GOP. I foresee it becoming a regional party confined largely to rural states and districts.

Republicans have pledged their fealty to Donald Trump while sacrificing their former core values including fiscal conservatism, free trade, the importance of allies, rejection of kleptocratic despots, the rule of law, honoring military leaders and veterans, respect for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, a preference for localized government, a free market economy, decorum, respect for expertise, (the appearance of) moral, ethical and religious behavior.

Trump is a man devoid of integrity or principles. When the Republicans embraced Trumpism in a Faustian bargain, they squandered their own integrity and principles. When Trump is gone from the scene, which may happen in a matter of months, what will Republicans say they stand for?

As a friend of, Charlie Sykes, wrote in

Are Republicans sick and tired of all the winning yet?
Republicans are going to have to look at exactly what has been happening across the country over the last three years:
  • A Democrat wins a Senate race in Alabama
  • A Democrat becomes governor in Kentucky
  • A Democrat recaptures the governorship of New Jersey
  • Democrats take control of the House of Representatives
  • Democrats win unified control of the state government in Virginia
  • Liberal Jill Karofsky blows out an incumbent conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court judge

    And when they do study these results they're going to have to ask themselves: If this is what "winning" under Trump looks like, then what's going to happen to the GOP if he loses?

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