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Multi-ChoiceWhich WoW Class are You?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Phoenix Wright Character are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Forgotten Realms Deity are you?
Multi-ChoiceWarriors:: Into the wild - which clan are you in?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Skyrim race are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich RPG class are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Character are you?
Multi-Choicesonic the hedgehog charater quiz
Multi-ChoiceWhat DND Race are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich RPG fantasy class are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations Character are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All Character are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich BESM character are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich Baldur's Gate 2 NPC are you?
Multi-ChoiceFE 7 Character Selector
Multi-ChoiceAre you a leader,follower, or Loner
Multi-ChoiceFE Shrine Pro. Class Selector
Multi-ChoiceWhich Final Fantasy VII Goodguy Character are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhat final fantasy IX character are you?
Multi-ChoiceWhich house do you belong in?
Multi-ChoiceTales of Symphonia Selector
Multi-ChoiceValkyrie Profile Selector
Multi-ChoiceWhich of my roleplaying characters are you?
Multi-ChoiceRole Playing Games
Multi-ChoiceSSBM Character Quiz
Multi-ChoiceWhat sort of elemental are you, and how do you use your powers?
Multi-ChoiceRole Playing Games
Multi-ChoiceWarriors Orochi
Multi-ChoiceWhich G2 character are you?