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1Yes/No SelectorThe 90's Alternative Band Generator
2Yes/No SelectorWhich H.O.T. dress style are you?
3Yes/No SelectorWhich neglected J-rock band are you?
4Yes/No SelectorWhich Unknown Jrock Band Should You Be In?
5Yes/No SelectorWhat gothic rock band best suits you
6Yes/No SelectorWhich Queen are you?
7Yes/No SelectorWhich AFI band member are you?
8Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Gacktjob are you?
9Yes/No SelectorDir en Grey selector
10Yes/No SelectorWhich Kittie Member Are you?
11Yes/No SelectorHow Deep Is Your Obsession For AFI?
12Yes/No SelectorWhich 70's Teen Idol are you?
13Yes/No SelectorPink Floyd Album Selector
14Yes/No SelectorMarilyn Manson Member Selector
15Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of The Rolling Stones are you?
16Yes/No Selector*Which Celebrity Couple R You?*
17Yes/No SelectorWhat Linkin Park song are YOU?
18Yes/No SelectorThe Green Day Quiz
19Yes/No SelectorWho are you? Gackt or Hyde?
20Yes/No SelectorAre you like Gackt?
21Yes/No SelectorWhich member of The Runaways is most like you?
22Yes/No SelectorWhich Green Day member are you most like?
23Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Nirvana are You?
24Yes/No SelectorWhich pop punk band are you?
25Yes/No SelectorWhich G Unit member are you?
26Yes/No SelectorWhat Led Zeppelin song are YOU?
27Yes/No SelectorHow To Know If Your Are A Poser Test-Official
28Yes/No SelectorWhich Marilyn Manson Song Are You?
29Yes/No SelectorWhich D12 Band Member are You?
30Yes/No SelectorWhich Iron Maiden member are you
31Yes/No SelectorWhat Killers Band Member Are You?
32Yes/No SelectorWhat member of Avenged Sevenfold are you?
33Yes/No SelectorWhat dc Talk member are you?
34Yes/No SelectorWhich Devotckas member are you?
35Yes/No SelectorWhich prog band are you?
36Yes/No SelectorWhich AC/DC Member Are You????
37Yes/No SelectorWhich Boa song is your theme song?
38Yes/No SelectorWhich Dir en Grey band member are you?
39Yes/No SelectorWhich 1960s Rock Band Do You Relate To?
40Yes/No SelectorWhat Nirvana CD Are You?
41Yes/No SelectorWhich Weezer band member are you?
42Yes/No SelectorWhich member of BAROQUE are you?
43Yes/No SelectorWhich Evanescence Song Are You?
44Yes/No SelectorWhich 80's Band Are You?
45Yes/No Selectorwhich member of Green Day could be your best friend?
46Yes/No SelectorWhich Degrading Avril Song are you?
47Yes/No SelectorWhich Malice Mizer Member are YOU?
48Yes/No SelectorWho Are You?
49Yes/No SelectorWhich Monkee are YOU?
50Yes/No SelectorWhich S Club 7 member are you most like?
51Yes/No SelectorWhich Rammstein Song Are You?
52Yes/No SelectorWhat's your inner Sub Pop band?
53Yes/No SelectorWhich Famous Classick Rock Band Guitarist are you the most like?
54Yes/No SelectorWhich emo-core band are you?
55Yes/No SelectorWhat Marilyn Manson Band Member Are You?
56Yes/No SelectorWhich AC/DC song are you?
57Yes/No SelectorWhat Korn song are you?
58Yes/No SelectorWhich Placebo Member Are You??
59Yes/No SelectorChristian Bands
60Yes/No SelectorWhich Band member of Green Day are you most like?
61Yes/No SelectorWhat Classic Rock Band Makes the Music that is Best for You?
62Yes/No SelectorMy Chemical Romance selector
63Yes/No Selector60s rock star selector
64Yes/No SelectorWhat member of The Clash are you?
65Yes/No SelectorQui est la Morning Musume faite pour vous ?
66Yes/No SelectorWhat P!nk song are you?
67Yes/No SelectorWhich Good Charlotte Member Are You?
68Yes/No SelectorWhich Tenacious D character are you?
69Yes/No SelectorAnd which Queen song are you?
70Yes/No SelectorWhich broadway musical should I see?
71Yes/No Selector+ Which Member Of Rammstein Are You Most Like? +
72Yes/No SelectorDave Matthews Band love song selector
73Yes/No SelectorWhat metal band are you?
74Yes/No SelectorBoston Song Selector
75Yes/No SelectorThe Pierrot Character Selector (or something)
76Yes/No SelectorWhat Spark Plug Are You?
77Yes/No Selectorheyholetsgo
78Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Wham are you?
79Yes/No SelectorGuns N Roses
80Yes/No SelectorMoody Blues Member Selector
81Yes/No SelectorFavorite Male Metal Singer
82Yes/No SelectorWhich Major Horrorpunk Band Are You?
83Yes/No SelectorWhich Dave Matthews Band member are you?
84Yes/No SelectorWhich SOAD Member Are you?
85Yes/No SelectorWhich Oceansize song are you
86Yes/No SelectorChoose A 70's Band
87Yes/No SelectorWho In Play Are You??
88Yes/No SelectorTHE CURE
89Yes/No SelectorWhat band would you be in now?
90Yes/No SelectorWhich of the Corrs are you?
91Yes/No SelectorWhich American Idol Contestant are You?
92Yes/No SelectorWhat Drive Thru Records Band Are YOU?
93Yes/No Selectorthe Dave Matthews Band Song Selector
94Yes/No SelectorWhich KoRn member are you?
95Yes/No SelectorWhat Eddie the Zombie are you?
96Yes/No SelectorWhich rocker girl are you?
97Yes/No SelectorRammstein Song Selector
98Yes/No Selector(Yet another) Malice Mizer member quiz
99Yes/No SelectorWhat NOFX song are you?
100Yes/No SelectorWhich member of The Hives are you?!
101Yes/No SelectorWhich band describes you most?
102Yes/No SelectorWhich member of AFI are you?
103Yes/No SelectorWhich metal band are you?
104Yes/No SelectorWhich member of the Decoys are you?
105Yes/No SelectorBlink-182 Song Selector
106Yes/No Selectorwhich no doubt member are you!!!!!
107Yes/No SelectorWhat 'Animal' from the Pink Floyd album are you?
108Yes/No SelectorWhich MUCC member are you most like?
109Yes/No SelectorWhat overall band are you?
110Yes/No SelectorWhich Our Lady Peace Album Are You?
111Yes/No SelectorYour New Favorite Band: Which of my 25 favorite musicians should you get into?
112Yes/No Selector¿Qué canción de Dir en Grey eres?
113Yes/No SelectorWhich Spice Girl Are You Most Like?
114Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Dir en Grey are You?
115Yes/No SelectorWho from AFI are you?
116Yes/No SelectorSka Band Selector
117Yes/No SelectorWhich Good Charlotte Dude are you?
118Yes/No SelectorAFI Song Selector: The Good Version
119Yes/No SelectorWhat random gackt-related thing are you obsessed with?
120Yes/No SelectorWhich band do you follow?
121Yes/No SelectorWhich BCH band member are you?
122Yes/No SelectorWhat the rasmus chara are you
123Yes/No SelectorWhich No Doubt Member Are You?
124Yes/No SelectorWhich Massive Attack song are you?
125Yes/No SelectorWhich Mya 'Moodring' Song Are You?
126Yes/No SelectorWhat Greenday song are you?
127Yes/No SelectorSelect an Art Rock Band
128Yes/No SelectorWhat Rock Artist/Band (Circa 2002) Are You?
129Yes/No SelectorWhich band are you?
130Yes/No SelectorGreen Day Song
131Yes/No SelectorGuns N Roses Song Selector
132Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Malice Mizer are you?
133Yes/No SelectorWhat Blink 182 member are you?
134Yes/No SelectorWhich [new] AFI member are you?
135Yes/No SelectorModern Rock Theme Selector
136Yes/No SelectorClash Member Selector
137Yes/No Selectorwhat music album are you
138Yes/No SelectorRock Band Selector
139Yes/No SelectorWhich Glam Rock Idol Are You
140Yes/No SelectorRock selector
141Yes/No SelectorWhat AFI song are you?
142Yes/No SelectorWhich afi member are you
143Yes/No SelectorWhich duck could love you?
144Yes/No SelectorKorean Musicians
145Yes/No SelectorWhich 4i*Doll is your ideal partner?
146Yes/No Selectorwhich blink song are you?
147Yes/No SelectorPunk or Not?
148Yes/No SelectorWhat Blink 182 music video are you?
149Yes/No SelectorWhat Member of Quad 439 Are You?
150Yes/No SelectorWho are you in The Roots?
151Yes/No Selectorwhat kind of rock band are u
152Yes/No SelectorTest your Chuck E. Cheese knowledge here!
153Yes/No SelectorMusicians who wear a lot of makeup & eyeliner...
154Yes/No SelectorWhich of Katie's favorite bands is right for you?
155Yes/No SelectorSmashing Pumpkins Song Selector
156Yes/No SelectorWhich Decoys Song are YOU?
157Yes/No SelectorHow much do you know about AFI?
158Yes/No Selectorsimple plan selector
159Yes/No SelectorGorillaz member
160Yes/No SelectorWhich Rapper Are You
161Yes/No SelectorWhich Blink 182 band member are you?
162Yes/No SelectorWhat is your most relatable Tori Amos Song?
163Yes/No Selectoris clay aiken a good kinda guy for you/
164Yes/No SelectorWich member of Broder Daniel are you?
165Yes/No SelectorCountry Music Superstars
166Yes/No Selectorr u a true no doubt fan?
167Yes/No Selectorwho are you most like in 'thedrivehome'??
168Yes/No SelectorWho's your W2YD member?
169Yes/No SelectorWhich Texas musician are you?
170Yes/No SelectorDixie Chick Selector
171Yes/No SelectorWhat blink182 Member are you?
172Yes/No SelectorWhich PIJ member are you?
173Yes/No SelectorWhich Sparkle Member are you?
174Yes/No SelectorWhich Spice Girl Are You?
175Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Brother Are You?
176Yes/No SelectorWhich Random Precision Member Are You?
177Yes/No SelectorThe Ultra Awsome Super Duper Weezer Selector
178Yes/No SelectorThe Dashboard Confessional Song Selector
179Yes/No SelectorWhat Rock band do you like
180Yes/No SelectorWestlife Selector
181Yes/No SelectorWhat Type of Music Do I Enjoy?
182Yes/No SelectorWhich 'Tea Party' album is right for you?
183Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Obfuscate Project are You?
184Yes/No SelectorWhat music group would you be part of?