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Musical Groups Poll: Which Weezer band member are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphMusical GroupsMusical Groups Poll: Which Weezer band member are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Weezer band member are you?" by Colleen.

Choose from this list:

Your are Rivers! You express your feelings better through song and you don't give a shit what anyone thinks anymore. Good for you!
You are Brian! You are an excellent lyricist but may get shadowed by someone else that has the spotlight. But your still loved!
You are Scott! You recently started a new project and felt a little unexcepted at first. Your receeding hairline makes you just a bit scary. But overall cool!
You are Pat! You like drums and laying on skateboards while riding down ramps. You also are the comic relief to the rest of your bandmates most of the time!


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