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  1. Are You Making BAD Quizzes?
  2. How Insane Are You???
  3. Do You Have A Mental Illness?
  4. R U SMRT?????
  5. What Kind of Idiot Are You?
  6. What kind of army soldier are you?
  7. What kind of sheep are you?
  8. Babies: Are you having a boy or a girl?
  9. whats your rude nickname
  10. What Care Bear are you?
  11. Which Beavis and Butthead Character are you most like?
  12. What kind of bitch are you?
  13. Choose your breakfast
  14. BryGuy One-liner selector
  15. How Lazy Are You?
  16. What high school clique would you fit in?
  17. are you as crazy as me??
  18. How much do you know of google easter eggs?
  19. Random Blasphemies
  20. Do I Hate You?

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