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  1. What Classic Monster Wants to Marry U?
  2. Who Are You In: I'm a guard stationed at a Secret Government Prison?
  3. Which Animatronic HATES You!
  4. What CLASSIC Monster are U?
  5. Addams V Munsters... who RU?
  6. Which Slasher RU!🔪🩸💀(Refitted)
  7. Am I a Werewolf? Or not?
  8. which angel character
  9. Which Halloween H20 Character are you most like?
  10. Vampire
  11. What Horror movie character are you?
  12. Are you a human, werewolf , vampire or other?
  13. Select The Conspiracy Theory That's Right For You.
  14. Which Children of the Corn character are you?
  15. Preferred Circumstances of Death Selector
  16. Fears & phobias
  17. Who in the vampire chronicles would be your best lover
  18. Which Character Do You Act Like In Five Nights At Freddy's?
  19. Freddy vs. Jason selector
  20. Are You Homicidal

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