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  1. What's Your College Major? (Revised)
  2. What ACC school are you?
  3. Which North Carolina School Should You Attend?
  4. What College Student Stereotype Do You/Will You Fall Under?
  5. Degree Selector
  6. Will you drop out of High School?
  7. Framework for Teaching (4 Domains) Personality Test
  8. Ideal Fan Fiction Feedback for You
  9. Which Polygon Are YOU?
  10. The Geek Test
  11. general knowledge test
  12. Which natural science you are good at?
  13. Where you should go to college
  14. Ivy League Selector
  15. Which Ivy League University Stereotype Fits You?
  16. Which Liberal Art Character Am I?
  17. Which High School Teacher Are You?
  18. Life Of A Middle School Girl- Personality Test!
  19. Your Compatibility with the United States of America
  20. What person are you?

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