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  1. Nemesis-Goddess of revenge

  2. Poseidon-God of the sea, earthquakes,t

  3. Zeus-God of the sky, thunder and light

  4. Hebe-Goddess of youth

  5. Hades-God of wealth and the Underworld

  6. Helios-God of the Sun

  7. Eos-Goddesss of dawn

  8. Asclepius-God of medicine

  9. Selene-Goddess of the Moon

  10. Dionysus-God of wine, drunk men and pa

  11. Athena-Goddess of wisdom, war and dome

  12. Aphrodite-Goddess of love, beauty, and

  13. Ares-God of war and bloodshed

  14. Apollo-God of poetry, light, healing,

  15. Artemis-Goddess of the hunt, wild anim

  16. Pan-God of nature and satyrs

  17. Hestia-Goddess of the hearth and home

  18. Hermes-Good luck, messenger God, trave

  19. Hephaestos-God of fire and blacksmiths

  20. Demeter-Goddess of the harvest and agr

  21. Persephone-Goddesss of springtime and

  22. Iris- Goddess of rainbows

  23. Hecate-Goddess of witchcraft

  24. Hera- Goddess of marriage and Queen of

  25. Eros-God of love

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