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  1. Living in America

  2. Drop the Bomb

  3. Paranoia 190

  4. Afronova

  5. B4U Orchestral Version

  6. Dynamite Rave

  7. Butterfly

  8. CanŽt get you out of my head

  9. Let the beat hit Žem

  10. Dive

  11. Dead End

  12. Little Boy (Captain Jack)

  13. Secret Rendevous

  14. Remember me

  15. Healing Vision *Angelic Mix*

  16. Break Down

  17. Sweet Sweet Magical

  18. Nori Nori Nori

  19. Be Together

  20. Neverending Dream

  21. Luv to Me

  22. La Seniorita

  23. Brilliant 4 u

  24. La Seniorita Virtual

  25. End of Century

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