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  1. You are Fei Fong Wong (The Contact, An...

  2. You are Citan Uzuki (Hyuga Ricdeau). G

  3. You are Elhaym Van Houten (Elly). Don'

  4. You are Billy Lee Black. Do you think

  5. You are Ricardo Banderas (Rico). Sorry...

  6. You are Emeralda Kasim. Fei may not be

  7. You are Bartholomew Fatima (Bart).

  8. You are Kahran Ramsus. Give it up, dud...

  9. You are Id. Get a grip. I know a very

  10. You are Miang (The Weapon). Only way f...

  11. You are Krelian. Cut your hair once in

  12. You are Jessiah Blanche (Jessie). Cut ...

  13. You are Big Joe (Joe Balboa). Ok, Joe....

  14. You are Kelvena (Water Element). How D

  15. You are Tolone (Wind Element). What ha

  16. You are Seraphita (Fire Element). What

  17. You are Dominia (Earth Element). Ramsu...

  18. You are Deus (GOD!). What more is ther

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