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  1. Achilles- Noble, implaccable, flawed.

  2. The Brain (as in The Pinky)- Cunning,

  3. Superman/ I'm Duncan- You're a nob. N...

  4. Jay (as in Silent Bob)- Pretty cool, b...

  5. Van Gogh- Completely nuts. Pretty blo

  6. Cleopatra- Manipulative and cunning, p

  7. Maggie Thatcher- Battle Axe. People a...

  8. Machiavelli- Intelligent and not afrai

  9. The Buddha- Calm, spiritual and genera

  10. John Keats- Fantastic. Good for you.

  11. John Cleese- Bit of a tit, but funny.

  12. Bob Marley- Nuff said.

  13. Hitler- Clever, but ee-vil.

  14. Gandhi- A revolutionary revolutionary.

  15. Alan Rickman- Bitter Englishman, you k

  16. Rasputin- You may be a bit of a bastar...

  17. Catullus- Subversive and passionate.

  18. William Shakespeare

  19. Che Guevara- Hasta la vittore siempre!

  20. Jesus- Like Buddha, only thinner. Pos...

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