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  1. Soldier Ant

  2. Bengal Tiger

  3. Hermit Crab

  4. Tapeworm

  5. Mute Swan

  6. Howler Monkey

  7. Gray Wolf

  8. American Alligator

  9. Bumble Bee

  10. Diamondback Rattlesnake

  11. Tarantula Hawk

  12. Fighting Bull

  13. Black Widow

  14. Grizzly Bear

  15. Golden Eagle

  16. Monarch Butterfly

  17. Arabian Stallion

  18. Hammerhead Shark

  19. Praying Mantis

  20. Killer Whale

  21. Vampire Bat

  22. Asian Elephant

  23. Bottlenose Dolphin

  24. Jesus Lizard

  25. Robo Human

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