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  1. Lina Inverse

  2. Gourry Gabriev

  3. Amelia Wil Testla Seyruun

  4. Sylphiel Nels Laada

  5. Martina Xoana

  6. Xellos Metallium

  7. Zangulus

  8. Dynast Grauscherra

  9. Beastmaster Zellas

  10. Filia Ul Copt

  11. Deep Sea Dolphin

  12. Hellmaster Phibrizzo

  13. Val-Gaav

  14. Gaav

  15. Naga

  16. Eris

  17. Rezo

  18. Zelgadis Graywords

  19. Vrumugen

  20. Jilias

  21. Dark Star

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