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  1. Kamehameha (かめは&#

  2. Kaioken (界かいħ

  3. Spirit Bomb (元げん&

  4. Solar Flare (太陽拳)

  5. Instant Transmission (瞬し...

  6. Masenko (魔閃光)

  7. Special Beam Cannon (魔ま&...

  8. Regeneration (再生)

  9. Destructo Disc (気円ਪ

  10. Dodon Ray (どどん

  11. Tri-Beam (気き功

  12. Wolf Fang Fist (狼牙ང

  13. Galick Gun (ギャリ&#

  14. Big Bang Attack (ビッ|

  15. Final Flash (ファイ&

  16. Body Change (ボディ&

  17. Crazy Finger Beam (クレ...

  18. Burning Attack (バーӡ

  19. Hell Flash (ヘルズ&#

  20. Transfiguration Beam (変化

  21. Fusion Dance (フュー

  22. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (ス&...

  23. Absorption (吸収)

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