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  1. Never Been Mellow (1st Mix)

  2. Boom Boom Dollar 💵 (1st Mix)

  3. Butterfly 🦋 (1st Mix)

  4. Trip Machine (1st Mix)

  5. Paranoia 😱 (1st Mix)

  6. Wa (2nd Mix)

  7. Sung Suk (2nd Mix)

  8. Ba-dum (2nd Mix)

  9. Bumble Bee 🐝 (3rd Mix)

  10. Gentle Stress (3rd Mix)

  11. Captain Jack (3rd Mix)

  12. Dead End (3rd Mix)

  13. B4U (4th Mix)

  14. Kung Fu Fighting (4th Mix)

  15. Drop Zone (4th Mix)

  16. Burnin’ the Floor (4th Mix)

  17. Dancing All Alone (5th Mix)

  18. Healing Vision (5th Mix)

  19. Moonlight Shadow 🌙 (5th Mix)

  20. Ecstasy (5th Mix)

  21. Nori! Nori! Nori! (6th Mix)

  22. So Deep (6th Mix)

  23. Twilight Zone (6th Mix)

  24. Candy 💜 (7th Mix)

  25. Max Unlimited (7th Mix)

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