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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which ZIX?" by David Lopez.

Choose from this list:

You are cute, anyway you are sometimes selfish with your stuff, thatís why you are MAPLE(Maple Island)

You sometimes fill a little depressed but you find strength in your friends, thatís why you are GLOVI(Airventure)

You are a glutton, you like to prank and you are very happy, thatís why you are PEKONEKO(Maple Island)

You are a little mysterious, but you are a hero for some people, you love adventures, thatís why you are GLOW(Mechanical Glow)

You have too much spare time, so you like to go out and know new friends, thatís why you are BURTY PROOTY

You are very mysterious and you ever wonder about your past, you overprotect and thatís why you are SHINE CAT

You like revenge and you always come back and stronger, you think you are powerful and thatís why you are U-VIRUS(Mechanical Glow)

You want to be superior to all in your environment and you have some people that follows you, you like to prank and thatís why you are MAXIMUS(Shine cat)

You are very sweet and outgoing, you love to create new activities and thatís why you are MALI LILTLE(TWIST ĎNí CATCH)

You were a bad guy but now you prefer to be tranquil, you like adventures and action, thatís why you are KARMA

You always want to know new places and things, you like magic and like to know new abilities, thatís why you are KALIN(Kalinís Quest)

You like to buy stuff and to battle with toys of games, thatís why you are TOM(Monstech trainer)

You like power and you are the owner of too much stuff, you think you own some people too, thatís why you are RANKOR(Kalinís quest)

You like to bee seen by others and you have a great potential, what you need is more opportunities, thatís why you are RUNL(Ground sweeper)


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