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graphPersonalityPersonality Poll: What emotion are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What emotion are you?" by Debbie Stenlake.

Choose from this list:

Love -

Sadness - ^*_^- You are an emotion that is hard, and lonely. Maybe you should talk to your friends a bit more, and be alone a bit less. Try to cheer up...things will get better! But without a tear, we wouldnt be truly happy. :*-(

Anger - ^C^You are an emotion that likes to act on bad circumstances. Try to calm down, and talk to the person instead. Remember, anger can easily turn into happyness! >_<

Surprise -^o^-You are an emotion that is shocked by small things and big. For good things, dont be suprised, you're a good person. For bad, everyone is a little suprised! :o

Happyness - ^-~ -This is a great emotion. Being happy, and nice to all can make a lot of peoples lives better. :)

Hope - ^_^ - You are the emotion left in pandoras box, needed to thrive in life. Without you, we would have nothing! Always have hope. ~_-


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