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History Poll: Medieval Weaponry and You SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
HistoryHistory Poll: Medieval Weaponry and You
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Medieval Weaponry and You" by Justin.

Choose from this list:

Longsword - A standard type of sword with a blade about two fingers wide. It is quite light and made for one handed use.

Mace - A weapon on a short (3') pole. The metal head is flanged and can easily break bones in combat.

Morningstar - A ball and chain weapon most commonly mistaken for a mace.

Club - A thick piece of wood, like a baseball bat.

Battle-axe - A larger than average axe designed for battle field use alone.

Halberd - A weapon with a spear head on top, axe blade on one top edge and a hook on the other. The pole is about 8' long usually.

Flail - A metal bar attached to a rope or chain attached to another larger metal bar. Often used by peasants in uprisings as they are in fact converted farm tools.

Great Sword - A large two handed sword which is usually about as tall as the wielder. It easily crushes bones when it strikes if it doesn't sever the limb outright.

Long Bow - A powerful bow capable of firing arrows through armor.

Long Spear - A spear on a 10'-15' pole used mainly to kill sheildman. It cannot be thrown.

Short Spear - A spear between 3'-8' used by soldiers with sheilds or from behind the sheild wall. The larger versions can be thrown.

Bastard Sword - Similar to a longsword only with a hilt long enough to be held in both one and two-handed versions. Also called a hand-and-a-half sword.

Hand Axe - A smaller axe converted to battle field use. Can be thrown.

Quarterstaff - A stout pole about 6' tall.

Dagger - A large knife about 6"-9" in total length. Made for stabbing more than slashing.

Sling - A bit of leather swung around one's head which is capable of launching slings stones and sling bullets at enemies.

Short Bow - A smaller bow which is easier to wield than a long bow. Also it is less powerful.

Crossbow, any - The weapon which doomed the middle ages. A crossbow can fire it's bolts through armor at great distances. However it is difficult and time consuming to load.

Bardiche - A pole weapon, usually about 8' long, with a long curved axe blade on top.

Rapier - A light, thin sword used primarily for thrusting.

Cutlass - The pirate's sword.

Scythe - A farming emplement turned weapon. It has a pole which is usually about 6' long with a long curving blade. The blade is usually sharp on the inside edge only.

Short Sword - A sword about 20" in total length which is primarily a thrusting weapon.

Spiked Chain - A chain with is held in the middle and has hideous barbs and spikes on either ends. It crushes and cuts one's enemies with a powerful ferocity. Usually about 6'-8' in length and must be used in two hands.

Great Mace - A larger, more deadly mace. Used mainly from horseback due to it's great weight.


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