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Entertainment Poll: Vampire the Masquerade Clan Selector SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
EntertainmentEntertainment Poll: Vampire the Masquerade Clan Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Vampire the Masquerade Clan Selector" by Kyrie.

Choose from this list:

Malkavian A clan of misfits and freaks, the Malkavian blood carries a strange curse making all of its members insane. These vampires frighten all and for every one that seems normal there are a half a dozen that are completely mad.

Brujah The warriors of the Camarilla, the Brujah are a straightforward clan, caring little for politics and diplomacy. Brujah vampires are rebellious by nature due to an old grudge against the Ventrue and as a result comprise the bulk of the Anarch movement as well.

Toreador The artists of the vampire's cities, the Toreador are the keepers of culture. Slaves to music and art, they are a clan captivated by beauty and are enamoured by all things human.

Gangrel The loners and wanderers. These are vampires who are very in tune with nature and shun the cities. They are seen as barbarians by their Kindred, but are highly respected because of their relationship with the werewolves, the ancient enemies of vampires.

Tremere The mysterious Tremere are the wizards among vampires, working slavishly to gain more mystical knowledge to use magic to gain an advantage over the other clans. They are incredibly well-organized and are very paranoid of outsiders.

Tzimisce The other main clan comprising the Sabbat, the Tzimisce are Old World vampires from eastern Europe whose sheer cruelty and ruthlessness often make other vampires sick. They seem to be the masterminds behind recent Sabbat victories.

Assamite A minor bloodline that exists outside of Camarilla society, these vampires are all from Middle Eastern descent and follow an ancient belief system that is vastly different from modern Camarilla beliefs. They are assassins for hire and specialize in hunting other vampires.

Giovanni Another minor bloodline, this one based around the Italian city of Venice. The entire bloodline is related. Clan Giovanni are among the most accomplished merchants and businessmen in the world, but this is simply to cover for their nocturnal habits the clan practices all manner of necromancy.

Lasombra The leading clan of the Sabbat, these vampires are manipulators and liars extraordinaire. They are some of the most sinister vampires around and many in the Camarilla fear them.

Ravnos A minor bloodline of wanderers and thieves, seemingly descended from the Gypsy community. These vampires are the tricksters and illusionists of the vampire world, when they're around, keep one hand on your wallet.

Ventrue The de facto leaders of the Camarilla, the Ventrue covet material wealth, as well as the power and influence that comes with it. The are capable leaders, but are traditionalists, who have been caught by surprise by the rapid rise of the Sabbat.

Followers of Set Hunted and feared by all vampires, these are the foulest of corrupters who hold great power despite small numbers. They are a minor bloodline based in Egypt and Haiti and are a growing concern to all.

Nosferatu Another clan with cursed blood, Nosferatu blood affects the body rather than the mind, twisting and misforming until these vampires become hideous apparitions. They are information brokers of the vampire world, they seem to see and hear all.


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