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graphFashionFashion Poll: What 15th century dress should you get?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What 15th century dress should you get?" by Caroline Fritzon.

Choose from this list:

Tudor, early royal style ca 1500-1530
Tudor, late royal style ca 1530-1558
Elizabethan, early royal style ca 1558-1580
Elizabethan, late royal style ca 1580-1600
Cranach, early German style
Bruegel, peasant style
Spanish, early royal style ca 1500-1550
Spanish, late royal style ca 1550-1600
Italian, early noble style ca 1500-1550
Italian, late noble style ca 1550-1600
Coat dress, late Elizabethan
Coat dress, early northern European
Swedish mix of styles, early period
German, late style
Elizabethan upper middle class
Elizabethan noble hunting style
French, late style ca 1570-1600
Landsknecht, early Germany and eastern Europe
Flemish lower middle class
Northern Europe middle class
Elizabethan lower upper class, very late style
Elizabethan practical middle class


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