History Poll: What Torture Method Would You Be? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
History Poll: What Torture Method Would You Be? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
HistoryHistory Poll: What Torture Method Would You Be?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Torture Method Would You Be?" by Sophia.

Choose from this list:

Iron Maiden: You enclose your victims in a coffin lined with spikes, piercing choice places like the eyes, liver and kidneys. Ouch. Ease up on people you're angry with a little. You can't kill them -all-.

The Pear: You're inserted into various bodily orifaces, and cranked open slowly, stretching and tearing delicate internal tissues. You were a choice punishment for homosexuals and female witches. Also painful to contemplate. You're probably one of those powder-keg people, just need a spark at the right time to go off.

The Ripper: Red-hot, you're a pincer used to rip the breasts off unwed mothers as punishment. Ow. Someone gets you mad enough, they'd better run faster than you.

The Wheel of Spikes: A victim is tied to you, and you roll them onto a bed of spikes, crushing and impaling them at the same time. Little bit of an overreactor, maybe?

The Cat's Paw: A rake-like tool, you're used to rip the flesh off of living victims. Someone gets you angry, they -know- they're in trouble. If you're more of an argument than physical type, you'll still rip them a new one verbally.

The Whirligig: A fairly weak torture, you basically spin people around until they puke. You're used mostly as a military punishment, kind of a weak hazing. You're a forgive 'n' forget person, you figure the argument was punishment enough.

The Judas Cradle: A pyramid-shaped chair, a person is lowered onto the sharp point, spiking them in certain bits. Ouch. Not only that, you're still in use in some countries today! You're fairly inventive with your tormenting of your enemies.

The Heretic's Fork: You prevent someone from talking or moving their head even slightly with sharp points sticking in their lower jaw and collar bone. Doesn't it just -look- painful? You're kind of the childish sort, sort of a 'say uncle!' approach.

The Chair: A chair lined with spikes, someone was strapped into you until they confessed. You act like you're not mad when you are, and poke and prod at the person you're mad at until they get the hint.

The Cross: People were hung in various positions from you, sometimes with weights, stretching and dislocating limbs. Sometimes they were left to starve or succumb to the elements. All in all, you're a pretty forgiving person, provided they don't -really- get you angry.

Red-Hot Iron: Part of a trial. A person held you until their hand was blistered, if in a certain amount of time their wounds were infected, they were guilty.

The Stake: Witches were tied to you, and burned to a crisp. A classic, though not very nice. People probably tiptoe around you a little.

Braiding: A person's limbs and joints were shattered, then their now-mushy limbs were braided through your wheel-spokes. Still alive, they were left to die in this fashion, either from starvation or heat/cold. Oh, the humanity! What a temper -you- have!

The Water Wheel: Victims were tied to you, then you were rotated slowly over some body of water. They either confessed, or drowned. Pretty tame, actually... you're fairly forgiving once people can admit they were wrong.

The Press: Victim was chained to you, then were slowly crushed as the handle was turned. Smaller versions of you held only the victim's head. Oww. You're a real pain to be around when you're angry, but you could force a confession out of the most stubborn.

Bed of Spikes: A person was tied to you, then weighted down onto the impaling spikes or beaten with sticks. Yeesh. Go overboard much when you're upset?

Stoning: The person was tied down, then a crowd gathered to hurl stones at them. You're an interactive execution! You probably need to have people backing you up before you argue.

Boiling Oil: People were dropped into you, and basically deep-fried to a golden brown. It probably takes a little while for you to lose your temper, but when you do...

The Brazen Bull: You're a giant oven shaped like, suprise, a brazen bull. A fire is lit under your belly, and the person inside is roasted alive. You really blow your top when someone makes you mad, though that can take a bit of work on their part.

The Iron Bed: You're basically a giant skillet. You're slowly heated with a person strapped to you, and they're slowly fried alive. In other words, you take a while to get going, gradually getting madder until you're ready to hurt someone.

The Cage: People are locked inside you and hung from a high place. A chain around their neck forces them to stand, and once they are dead from starvation or the elements, birds pick their bones clean. You're probably a fan of just ignoring the people who get on your nerves. Or at least, ignoring them to the best of your abilities.

The Rack: Victims are tied into you and stretched inch by agonizing inch, until they are either rent limb from limb or they confess. Or hey, maybe both. Not as bad as some people, someone tells you what you want to hear you'll feel better.

The Branks: You're enclosed around a nagging wife's head, with tongue-piece spikes to keep her from opening her mouth. You're a vocal person, someone tries to argue, they won't get a word in edgewise.

Sawn in Two: Hung upside down, your victims are slowly sawn in half, starting at the part of their legs. Because of the concentration of blood rushing to their head, they are conscious until you get about to the mid-abdomen most of the time. Of course, there are other methods, such as sawing off each limb. Yeowch. You're a gradual-torture person, someone gets on your bad side, you make them sorry for it, one day at a time.

The Box: A victim is shut up inside you, then dropped into some body of water. They drown, of course. A claustrophobic demise. If someone gets you mad, you just get away from them and forget it, though you quietly seethe for a while.


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