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graphMythologyMythology Poll: God Type selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "God Type selector" by JtheWonderLlama.

Choose from this list:

Not a god at all (perhaps a monkey?)
Really important non-god (prophet perhaps?)
Normal non-god type person
God of Shoe Laces
God of Chap Stick
God of Spices
God of Garden Gnomes
God of Dentistry
God of Country Music (Bad Taste)
God of Good Taste
God of Hygiene
God of Useless Surveys
God of Nap Time
God of Philosophy
God of Phys. Ed.
God of Dancing (Lord of the Dance)
God of Bad Hair Cuts
God of Business Majors
God of Poo
God of Breakfast Cereals
God of Pretty Flowers
God of Not so Pretty Flowers
God of Plumbing
God of Various Important Things ("Lakytard the Destroyer")


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