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graphSpongeBobSpongeBob Poll: :::sPoNgEbOb: WhO aRe YoU?:::
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector ":::sPoNgEbOb: WhO aRe YoU?:::" by :::dUcKy:::.

Choose from this list:

Spongebob Squarepants! You're the happy, perky kid down the block that always has an idea of what to do! Don't jump to conclusions, though, you might end up over your head!

Patrick Star! You love to have fun! At times, you can be a little dim-witted, but don't worry, that's what friends are for!

Sandy Cheeks! You are the reliable critter that loves home yet can't get over your friends' crazy antics! You love to do subjects like math and science.

Squidward Tentacles! You like your privacy, and hate people that get on your nerves! Just to be nice, you let them stay friends. Open up a little, and you'll have more fun!

Mr.Krabs! You don't like to spend a cent-unless you have to. You're a good storyteller, and younger kids look up to you!

Plankton! You're a schemer, and although some people may discard your ideas, keep pressing them (in a nice way!), and you'll get what you want.

Gary! You may be quiet, but you have quite a brain up there, and sometimes you may outsmart people that you thought you never would!


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