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graphEducationEducation Poll: What Speech Category Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Speech Category Are You?" by Vara Sundaisy.

Choose from this list:

Creative Expression - Write your own speech on anything, be as crazy and hyper as you want.
Discussion- Discuss an issue one-on-one... with the judge! Be ready to answer questions!
Drama- act out a scene and make sure you're really expressive!!
Dramatic Duo- speak through a skit with a friend, without looking at eachother!
Extemporaneous Reading- Draw for a story from a book, and you have half and hour to get ready to read it.
Extemporaneous Speaking- they give you a current issue to speak on and a few magazines for research... you have half an hour to research, prepare a speech, and memorize it!
Great Speeches- say a speech given by a great historical person.
Humorous- say a funny, pre-written script and add gestures and movement to give the jokes more punch.
Informative Speaking- present an informative speech you write yourself
Original Oratory- write your own speech on the meaning of life or a critical, controversial issue
Serious Poetry- use a serious poem, make up an introduction, and interpret it by the way you say it
Serious Prose - pick a serious essay, story, or piece of literature and interpret it by the way you say it
Storytelling - draw for a folk tale to tell, and you have half an hour to get ready and tell it. Be sure to use different character voices, gestures, and movements!


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