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graphMusicMusic Poll: What musical instrument should you play?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What musical instrument should you play?" by Sparkle.

Choose from this list:

English horn. Look it up, it's awesome!!!

French horn. It's my favorite. It's french. (Plus, you play it with your left hand)

Viola. Better than a violin, but there's a lot of bad jokes out there about violists...

Cello. Big, bad, and extremely cool.

Clarinet. My best friend plays it, and it looks cool.

Trumpet. It's OK.

Violin. I generally don't prefer this, but if it works it works.

Flute. It's the most competitive and prettiest sounding, if you're good...

Percussion. All you do is hit things and make noise.

Forget it. Do something else. Teach math to incapable college students.

Oboe. Beginners sound pretty dismal, but if you practice enough it sounds really pretty

Tuba. Also big, bad, and loud. But without the strings.

Harp. It's really pretty, but takes a lot of dedication to transport it.

Bassoon. The largest kind with reeds, and looks like a telephone pole.

Piano. Part of the percussion AND strings!

Guitar. You can only pull this one off if you wear a bandana on your head or sing while you play.


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