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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Sonic the Hedgehog Character Are You?" by Shadonic12.

Choose from this list:

You are SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! You are the fastest thing alive! You take orders from no one, you live by your own heart! Way to go, hero!

You are MILES "TAILS" PROWER! You are a good friend to the hero and you have a skill for inventing!

You are KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA! You were born to protect a giant jewel. You will stop at nothing to reach your goals. You are one tough dude.

You are AMY ROSE! You have an obsession of Sonic. You have a giant hammer which you are just about never seen without!

You are CREAM THE RABBIT! You are a young, naive, bunny rabbit who can easily make friends with someone. You have a little friend floating around you 24/7!

You are BIG THE CAT! You are a large, unintellegent, but strong, cat who is always looking for his pet Froggy.

You are SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG! You never take orders from anyone. You do what you say. You can never stop until you succeed.

You are ROUGE THE BAT! You are a spy with a flair of stealing rare gems. You have a flashy style.

You are E-123 OMEGA! You are a large robot created by a mad scientist who you now seek revenge on for locking you up in a room.

You are ESPIO THE CHAMELEON! You are a chameleon who has extreme skills as a trained ninja. You work for a crocodile crazy for money.

You are CHARMY BEE! You are a young bee who works for a crocodile crazy for money. You make the other members of the group look professional.

You are VECTOR THE CROCODILE! You are a crocodile mad for the moola. That's why you own a detective company!

You are DOCTOR ROBOTNIK! You are a mad scientist who has one goal in life. Take over the world and name it "Eggmanland"!

You are METAL SONIC! You are a copy of the hero. You will stop at nothing at all to destroy the hero. Once and for all!

You are SILVER THE HEDGEHOG! You are a psychic hedgehog who hails from the distant future. You will stop at nothing to protect the future for it's desperate existince.

You are BLAZE THE CAT! You are the born protector of the Sol Emeralds. You can control fire with your mind using pyrokinesis.


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