Education Poll: What is your school niche? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Education Poll: What is your school niche? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
EducationEducation Poll: What is your school niche?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What is your school niche?" by samii.

Choose from this list:

Class Clown- You were the class clown in school and you just couldn't take anything seriously, right? at least that's what everyone else said. You're probably outgoing, charismatic, always trying to make people crack a smile and a genuinely good person deep down....sometimes really deep down

The good kid- You recieved consistent good grades, and were never in trouble with anyone, despite all this you probably still had a lot of friends your age because you're too nice to be hated.

Drama Kid- You were the drama kid right? always waiting for the next play you could dance and act in, our the next concert you could sing in, you were all about sharing your gift with other people, and probably still are today.

Teacher's pet- I bet the teacher let you watch the class when they left the room, isn't that right teacher's pet? The only difference between you and the good kid is that you are not like amongst your peers, since chances are you were constantly telling on them. Try lightening up or stay the same, what do I know? I'm sitting here making a quiz for 4 hours and you're probably a CEO.

Rebel- Chances are school wasn't your thing, it's not that you weren't interested in learning, just not about this stuff. Your catch phrase was probably "we're never going to use this in the real world." and chances are you were right about a lot of things, you probably had your own vision of what education should be like, and would gladley share it with anyone, when you bothered to show up for school anyways.

Jock- Maybe your a stereotypical dumb jock, maybe you're a smart kid who just happens to be good at sports, I don't know, all I do know is that you're a total jock, all about your sport, incredibly determined, and probably one of the most liked guys in school. Being adored 24/7 is tough But hey, somebody has to do it.

Cheerleader- Like Oh My Gosh, you were totally a cheerleader in school, you were probably with the jocks all the time, loved partying after games and were like all about whats good for the squad, you were either a total backstabber or one of the nicest people at the school...With cheerleaders it's really black or white.

The nice kid- I bet you just couldn't say no to anyone, right nice kid? You were always on every commitee, in the classes no one wanted to take, and probably have a lot of bottled up anger inside. but hey look on the brightside... you're a nice kid, you'll get through it. and in the mean time do something good for yourself, not just everyone else.

The instigater- You probably start everything, and then shift the blame to someone else... right? the difference between you and the class clown is that they never shut up and do things for OTHER people's amusement, however you my friend like to start chaos for your own little kicks and then watch the results. This is what makes you an instigater... if that is your real name.

Nerd- not popular with the teachers, or the other kids really, but you do have your own little circle of friends who you get together with every Tuesday night at 6 and play dungeons and dragons with. You are smart and probably a full 20 IQ points above almost everyone at your school. you'll probably rule the world one day so high school isn't really a big deal.

Loner- You get up you go to school everyday, and you're quiet. thats the difference between you and the rebel. You're just kind of there while they're probably protesting something. You might be artsy, or maybe you just like to be left alone, but you are a true introvert who lives inside your own thoughts.

Average Joe- You pull decent grades, have a good group of friends, sometimes something exciting will happen. Sound like your life? well thats because you're the average kid, you have a personality yes, but as far as stereotypes go, you're just you. nothing else.

Gossip- Woah, did you hear what Jenna said about Al after Gina's party?... I bet you did. You know everyone's buisness and are not afraid to hold it over their heads, or just spread it with out using it for blackmail. Maybe you work at the school paper, maybe ruining people's reputations is just a hobby I don't know, but you definitley are a gossip.

Prep- You're not a Jock or a Cheerleader, group anything isn't for you, you're to fabulous for that. You're all about appearance, and take pride in how you look. Chances are you're a cool kid and have a lot of friends, so pop your collar and keep walking, prep.

Outcast- You are sort of an outcast, but you probably have your little group of ragtag misfit friends who you hang out with so it's fine, you're not about the system, and think things would be better if everyone wasn't a conformist, which isn't entirely false so good job, and keep doing what you do best... making people think twice.


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