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graphAnimeAnime Poll: What Type of CCS Fan Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Type of CCS Fan Are You?" by Celine.

Choose from this list:

Clamp Fanatic. Anything Clamp creates, you absolutely love!
Cool CCS Fanatic. You really love the show and you're open-minded to criticisms about it.
The Obssessed CCS Fan. You're crazy about CCS & you don't care about what others think!
The CCS Critic. You're more focused on the downs of CCS.
The CCS Beauty Finder. You like CCS coz' of the appearance and impact.
Not really a CCS Fan. You find the show interesting, but you really don't care much about it.
The CCS Collector. You buy every CCS collectibles/treasuries in your hands!
Character-Focused CCS Fans. The Characters make the show worth it!


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