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graphWeirdWeird Poll: Class Selector: What RPG class do you fit into?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Class Selector: What RPG class do you fit into?" by Neferu.

Choose from this list:

Black Mage - You cast hurtful magick and enjoy doing so. Your one weakness is your temper, you mean, evil little shell of a human.
Red Mage - Using black and white hybrid magic, you're a powerfeul spellcaster, pretty darn intelligent, and an all around good person.
White Mage - (*cough* hippie *cough*) You're a healer, helper of those in need. A friend indeed. Try not to be so cheery in front of a black mage, he'll hit you with Explosive Fireball of Death at the first outburst of "BE THE BEAR!"
Thief - Your motto is: "It is better to run away and leave the enemy alive, as long as you've got all his stuff." Need I say more?
Rogue - Live in shadow, walk in secrecy, SURPRISE ATTACK! You and the thief would get along great if only he'd stop trying to pickpocket you.
Warrior - BERSERKER!!!! BWAH! Big weapon, small...vocabulary. Don't be surprised if someone calls you Mr. Tough Guy.
Knight - You like swords. You like light. You're pretty heroic. And you've got damn good armor.


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