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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What's Wrong With Me?" by selfseeker.

Choose from this list:

Relying Stupidly on Technology Syndrome- You're not attached to the people in your address book, but on the addicting need for instant communication. This makes you appreciate people's true company less, impatient, and socially awkward face-to-face. The only thing you gain is becoming a "profile" stalker and/or texting expert.
Midwest Syndrome- Three types of people lives in the Midwest: 1) People who establish themselves in a nice suburban neighborhood, 2) people who've grown up there and talk about leaving but never do, and 3) farmers. This sheltered life makes normal people want to shoot themselves.
Increasing the Japanese Market Syndrome- Congrats, you can shoot things in a virtual world successfully and beat video games. You mostly socialize with friends through an Xbox (or something similar). In Japan, a man actually married a video game character. This syndrome creates horrible communication skills as well as awesome disorders like "ADD" and "ADHD."
Liquor is a depressant, especially hard liquor. If you're down about life, try harder to be happy and stop drinking Jim Beam.
Sell-Out Denial Disorder- If you're a life time fan of a famous group of musicians that came alive in the late 70s/early 80s, it's time to face the fact that they're making way too much to actually care about or create good music.
Self Serving Overload Syndrome- You're masturbating too much. You need to either find a way to execute that bizarre fetish no one wants to try with you, get laid, or see a doctor about your overloaded sex drive (if you're already sexually active).
Computer Dependent Retardation- Turn off your internet. Go to a library for email and surfing (maybe even check out a book).
The Bar of Fallen Dreams Disorder- Visiting a bar every single week? You best be going to a poker meeting, trivia night, etc. People talking about potential that will never be executed is the most depressing environment one could expose themselves to. Karaoke is a double whammy.
Work Environment Negativity- Get over it. We're all in it the same boat. If you can't change the situation or job, then at least have a positive outlook (you're employed). You're bringing people down, man.
Religion Reality Disorder- Physicians and psychiatrists from all the world advise church patients to cease religious activity immediately due to the overwhelming BS side-effects.
Too Busy for Books Syndrome- Read a damn book. It expands your vocabulary.
Unexpected Parenting Envy- The kid isn't going away, stop exposing them to negativity.
Exercising Extreme- If you're working at least 4 times a week, accept that no one's perfect and treat yourself to a cheeseburger.
Same State Syndrome- Live close to relatives? Move, even if you like them. Distance is healthy for love. You'll love them more.
No Time to Travel Illness- You never will have time, might as well do it now. Passports are under 100 dollars. You blow more on a trip to Wal-mart.
Instrumental Illness- Step 1) Take lessons. Don't wait for the doctor to say, "You're dying from cancer."
Celebrity or Reality TV Addiction- People use to have talent before you gave the media market support by viewing their programs. You are watching these shows b/c you find your life lacking interest.
Twilight Disorder- To have interest in young adult novels for 13 year olds who read while hoping the main characters have sex. Must I say more?
Painkiller Addiction: At least go for an Amphetamine (upper).
Loan Debt Disorder- It's nice to have goals. Keep in mind, you'll always be in debt, and the goal in life will turn into paying off that debt.
Underexposed Syndrome- Never have or will encounter marijuana. Probably passed down from tradition.
Writing Disinterest- The fear or feeling of impatience toward writing. Though, it has been proven to be mentally beneficial.
Tragedy Guilt- When one expresses a genuine concern toward a bad event that affected others, but will do absolutely nothing about the issue, nor lose any sleep over that specific issue.


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