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graphFriends & RoommatesFriends & Roommates Poll: Who are you Really?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Who are you Really?" by Klairah.

Choose from this list:

A CeCe: Outgoing, chatty, pink obsessed, and not totally full of herself.
A Klairah: Look it's me! On the verge between popular and unique.unlike an Isabelle, i cannot handle both at the same time quite as well.
A Katie: shy to anyone who doesn't know her, katie is fun, risk-taking, and loves a good arguement.
A Dana: though she could be called a goody two shoes, i think that's a dumb expression. Anyway, you get the point. also quiet.
A Kayla: fun, smart, she could be really popular if she wanted to be, but she doesn't. more power to her.
An Isabelle: Unique, fun, and popular, all at the same time. sortof a heart throb.
A Lucy: She's a horse person, but you couldn't tell by looking at her. eccentric, to say the least
A Monica: She beleives she belongs in a public school, because since a Jenna betrayed her, she's running low on potomac friends. Klairah is one though.
A Jenna: a flat out power hungery betrayer. people will beleive anything she says, and she gets anything she wants.
A Molly: a sort of suck-up, just like her younger sister. her dad works at the school.
A Blythe: All around nice. not phoney nice, real nice.
A Victoria: Just fun to be around. she is sort of boy crazy, but says she's over it...?


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