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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Political Personality" by Serrinn.

Choose from this list:

Conformist - You accept the order of the day and only have a mild interest in politics.
Politically oblivious - You couldn't give a damn about politics.
Revolutionary Zealot - You have a fanatical hatred of the existing order and are willing to pursue violent means to overthrow your 'oppressors'.
Megalomaniac - You desire power above all else. You are willing to overthrow the existing order so as to achieve your lofty ambitions.
Dogmatist - You seek to impose your ideas on people and are not especially flexibile.
Dinner table politician - You discuss politics a lot, but only socially and don't actively participate.
Anarchist - You hate politics, you hate authority - you just want to be left alone.
Ideologue - You have what are in your opinion virtuous ideals which you seek to further. You are probably a member of a party and will follow its dictates.
Citizen - You don't actively participate in politics other than referenda and elections. You are orderly, but largely disinterested.
Hedonist - You are content to ignore politics as long as you can live a peaceful, comfortable and orderly life.


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