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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What kind of Craig Parker Are You?!" by shizukahenley.

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Bellerophon, from Xena! You're not really such a bad person; you just want a little revenge for the untimely death of your mommy! Unfortunately, your thoughts of vengeance haunt your nights and rule your days, causing you to go insane and attempt to wipe out an entire nation. Bellerophon dies when he gets skewered by the very un-remorseful Xena. Yup. So, no vengeance for you--it's dangerous. Thanks for playing!

Lucius, the crazy-man/god/beast from Young Hercules! You're actually a pretty nice guy... to non-demigod types... and people who don't know Hercules... and people who don't live in the villages that you burned down... Okay. You're a big meanie. And psychotic. But it's not entirely your fault; you never really knew your father (except in your head), and your mother is like an Ancient-Greek Joan Crawford. On the plus side, you're really nice to old people! So don't feel bad about yourself--oh wait, you're an EGOCENTRIC maniac. Yeah. It's not certain whether Lucius actually died or not; he very well could be running around in Greece, frightening the tourists and yelling gibberish at the sky. Awwwww

Henley, from No One Can Hear You! (yaaaaay!) You talk tough, you act tough, and you shine your badge every five minutes. But on the inside, you're just a big softy who loves doing what's right. You're also a scaredy-cat, but the important thing is that you face your fears and do your duty. You probably enjoy reading cheap paperbacks. You're a dork, but I still love you! :3 Henley dies by getting axed through the pulmonary... (*runs off and cries*)

Haldir, from teh LoTR series! You rock! You're handsome, strong, brave, and silly with that Elvish sense of honor! Unfortunately, Haldir dies in the movies, a victim of a broad conspiracy involving Orcs, Celeborn, Peter Jackson, and possibly even Richard M. Nixon. It's often called "The Helm's Deep Conspiracy"--they even did a special on 60 Minutes a few years back...

Larry Sharpe, from "A Crack in Time." O_o Not much is known about you. I think you're some kinda... wayward accountant or something...


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